Founded in 1979

Elettroresin manufactures insulators and electrical insulating components for low, medium and high voltage electrical equipment and systems.

During last years Elettroresin has reached a considerable position in the field of manufacturer company of insulating components for electromechanical industry.

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Your best solution for medium voltage equipment insulation components

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Today the whole range of its products and the commercial presence, allow it to be a leader company in the domestic and international market in the resin components field for medium and low voltage.

We are a strategic partner of electrical international players leading the worldwide supply chain.

Elettroresin production is based on automatic pressure gelation technique (APG) operated by clamping machines.

CSQ Certified UNI EN ISO 9001 2015

For Elettroresin Srl, the complete customer satisfaction and its requirements is the primary objective on wich the image and success of organizations depends.

For this reason, since its foundation, Elettroresin srl has been operating in compliance with the customer requirements, above all regarding quality, environment and safety.